Nordic nomads

About us
We evolved in the Nordics but employ the best remote software development professionals from around the world. We don’t have an office and we never will. We work where we want and when we want. Travel and see the world or just spend more time with friends and family, that’s your choice, we just want you to be happy.
Culture & values
Diversity & inclusion
Employee happiness
Work / life balance
What we do
We are a consulting company. We are experts in digital development and transformation including web and mobile development. Some of us are fullstack generalists and some of are highly skilled specialists in frontend, backend, architecture, Mobile, DevOps or data engineering. We are senior level developers with a minimum 5 years of relevant work experience working with relevant technologies such as Javascript, Typescript, React, JVM languages, Kubernetes, Docker or AWS/Azure/Google Cloud.
Why work for us
Remote, but better. There are a lot of challenges with working remote, we’re on a mission to fix them. Our goal is to build the best remote digital consultancy in the world. With us you won’t be alone, you’ll be a part of our tight community where everyone is welcomed and everyone will have a say in how we develop our company.
Benefits & perks
Unlimited training budget, coworking spaces, lunch benefit, Laptop and phone of choice, electric desk for home office, headphones, monitor for home office, recruitment bonus, work anywhere
Technology stack
JavaScript TypeScript Python React Go Kubernetes Docker Amazon Web Services (AWS) Google Cloud Platform
Job openings
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1-25 employees


Helsinki, Suomi

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