About us
Elisa is the workplace for you if you want to be part of enabling new things and changing the world. To implement these changes, we need coders, business specialists, mobile network developers and designers and many other experts. "The best part about working at Elisa is that our team can independently decide how to do and share our work. I trust my colleagues, and they are always happy to help others. Here, our supervisors are as relaxed as the atmosphere." - Tomi, Software Architect
What we do
An enthusiasm to use new technologies and working methods has always been a travel companion on Elisa's more than 135 year journey. We were the first operator to launch many technological solutions. Elisa is also known internationally for its innovation and financial success. We have roughly 2.8 million customers. Almost every adult in Finland has encountered Elisa or one of its many services. In 2019, our revenue totalled EUR 1.84 billion. We offer services to consumer and corporate customers. Our business field is in constant change, with new digital services showing the fastest growth and development.
Why work for us
1. Meaningful work 2. Freedom and responsibility 3. A chance to learn 4. ...and be part of a major change 5. Flexible ways of working 6. Good supervisors 7. The best colleagues 8. Licence to be yourself 9. Multiple career opportunities 10. Responsible operating methods
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