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We are Sweetspotter, your smart, digital recruiter in the cloud. Our algorithms match companies' requirements with skills of IT professionals.

Yes, you get all this:

  • Auto-matching skills and preferences
  • Direct access to relevant candidates and companies
  • Anonymous profiles
  • Flat monthly fee for companies
  • Free for freelancers and jobseekers
  • Recruiting as a continuous process

But none of this:

  • CV's and written resumes
  • Generic ads or irrelevant profiles
  • Cost per hire
  • Reactive hiring
  • A traditional recruiting agency


Sweetspotter offers companies an easy, quick and cost-effective way to find relevant professionals.

  • Direct access to professionals - We are not an agency, you have direct access to both jobseekers and freelancers.
  • Auto-matching and auto-ranking - You can list required skills and preferences in the system. Sweetspotter then finds you the best candidates & freelancers – and auto-ranks them.
  • Analytics and Trend Reporting - Sweetspotter gives you real-time reporting on interest your company and positions receive in the market. You can also see what’s going on in the Technology market – e.g. what roles and skills are trending.
  • Recruiting as a continuous process - Your Sweetspotter talent pool changes automatically, with the market. If new professionals pop into the market, or existing Sweetspotters gain new skills or experiences, you will know it. With Sweetspotter, you have a continuous access to an up-to-date & 100% relevant pool of professionals.
  • Monthly subscription - Flat monthly fee, no extra cost per hire.

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Sweetspotter allows jobseekers to build anonymous profiles with industry specific, relevant skills and let companies know if they are interested and available. Sweetspotter makes it easier to take the next step in your career.

  • Auto-matching and auto-ranking - With Sweetspotter, there´s no need to upload CVs or resumes, talk to recruitment agents or browse through job ads. Once you´ve listed your skills and preferences, Sweetspotter auto-matches your profile with best companies and positions – and auto-ranks them for you, according to the match.
  • Anonymity - Sweetspotter keeps your profile & search safe. You are listed as an anonymous professional, unless you accept a company´s request to view your full profile & contact you. Power to the people!
  • Free to use - Sweetspotter is free for freelancers as well as for jobseekers. We don’t take a cut. Our goal is to help you sell and earn more.
  • Proactivity - Sweetspotter automatically finds you the best companies and positions. Once you’ve found something you are interested in, you can easily let them know with one click.
  • Analytics and Trend Reporting - Sweetspotter gives you real-time reporting on the interest companies have of you. You can also see what’s going on in the Technology market – e.g. what roles and skills are trending.

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Sweetspotter finds the best professionals, companies and jobs, for you. We are based in Helsinki and Barcelona. Contact us! Contact us!

Heikki Erola

Heikki Erola


I'm a global business developer and technology enthusiast. I've built business and opened new markets for some of world's best software and hardware companies - and love doing it. New ideas, sharp minds and creative people excite me - hence Sweetspotter!

Jukka Hertto

Jukka Hertto


I began working in IT in 2005. During my 12 years working for partners, I had the opportunity to work as a consultant, project manager, team leader and business leader. After years of recruiting professionals and not being satisfied with the tools and means available, I founded Sweetspotter because I thought there should be a better way.



Our mission is to provide a high quality and cost effective digital recruiting service. We enable jobseekers and freelancers to take the next step in their IT career.


1) Be open minded and embrace diversity 2) Respect and support those around you 3) Challenge yourself and others 4) Share ideas and collaborate 5) Stay positive, have fun and enjoy life!

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