Senior software consultant

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Solidabis is looking for a Senior software consultant in Helsinki, Suomi

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Helsinki, Suomi

Full-time 4,000 - 5,500 EUR / month

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What's the job

We are looking for experienced consultants with vision on how things should be done and a drive to get things done. Our focus is on Java and JavaScript (React and Angular).

Desired background

Background in consulting is a bonus, but not necessary.

What characteristics will make you succeed

Experience, talent and attitude will go a long way with us.

Your typical workday

Your typical work day is dependent on your own style of working, the client and project. We do not enforce company policies on how you should do your work.

Your team

We are a relaxed, but motivated group of people, that want to get stuff done without unnecessary bullshit. We are opinionated, but humble.

What’s in it for you

You get to be an influential part of our growing company with freedom to focus on delivery or have your say in what our future should look like. Our employee investment fund will make sure you will profit with out company growth. Most importantly, you get to join a company that will level with you and not hide behind bullshit policies.

Skills for this job

Experience Level Required
4 years   Advanced
Experience Level Required
3 years   Advanced
4 years   Intermediate
2 years   Advanced beginner
1 year   Advanced beginner
Experience Level Required
4 years   Intermediate
2 years   Intermediate
2 years   Advanced beginner
2 years   Advanced beginner
Level Required
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