Software Architect (Helsinki or Tampere)

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Elisa is looking for a Software Architect (Helsinki or Tampere) in Helsinki, Suomi

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Helsinki, Suomi


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What's the job

Your mission is to build future-proof software architecture around optimization, planning, and operation of radio access networks. The main responsibilities for this role are to plan and evolve the architecture of RAN automatization and show the developers the right path with your own example.

Desired background

You’re familiar with most of these:

- SecDevOps thinking
- Software development with preferably some experience in Java/Kotlin/Scala
- Working with Kafka
- Planning and implementing complex microservice architectures
- Distributed modern software development conventions like GitOps, containers, CI/CD pipelines…
- Relational databases
- Service integrations
- Working in close collaboration with customers

You don’t really have to know even the basics of RAN and it’s more important if you have keen interested in automation.

Your team

You will be working in a cross-functional agile team having RAN specialists, software developers and product owners. We are located in Pasila and Tampere, so it’s up to you to decide your preferred location but we usually meet at least once a week in Pasila.

Skills for this job

Experience Level Required
3 years   Intermediate
6 years   Advanced
4 years   Advanced
Experience Level Required
5 years   Advanced
5 years   Intermediate
3 years   Intermediate
3 years   Intermediate
3 years   Intermediate
Experience Level Required
3 years   Advanced
3 years   Intermediate
3 years   Intermediate
3 years   Intermediate
3 years   Intermediate
Level Required

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